Case Study - Baumit's StarSystem restores original look for heritage property

Baumit supplied the high-performance EWI system to restore a 200-year-old property to its original splendour and improve the occupants’ internal comfort.

The EWI was installed to the exterior of a 19th century end-of-terrace property in Lincoln.29790231_578279479200685_7775693580877760172_n The house is situated in the city’s conservation area, therefore its cracked and ageing façade needed to be restored to its original look and remain in-keeping with its surroundings. Contractors, RamEco, selected Baumit’s BBA-approved EPS StarSystem. The system’s thermal properties were key to its specification, as the property’s solid-wall construction excluded the use of traditional cavity insulation. The challenge for installers was to incorporate a number of the property’s intricate details, such as the front door’s quoin stone and corbel archway, within the new-look façade. This was accomplished thanks to StarSystem’s flexibility. The property’s original features, which also included detailed stone windowsills, were moulded from the insulation prior to being beaded and rendered.



“Baumit’s system was the only one we considered for this project. Its exceptional quality and flexibility was crucial to retaining the property’s original look and creating a comfortable interior climate for the client.”

Liz Ramella, Director at RamEco





The 90ml-thick StarSystem was installed during a two-week period in February 2018. It initially involved affixing its StarTherm insulation using StarContact basecoat. Following the application of primer, white SilkonTop top coat provided the elastic top coat render. For stone details such as the archway, windowsills, and a stone band that circumnavigated the façade’s central area, Baumit MosaikTop, a coloured quartz stone render provided the final detail. The water-repellent, water-resistant, marble stone solution was supplied in black.

Like all Baumit insulation solutions, StarSystem  prevents cold-bridging, which meant its application ensured the Lincoln property achieved a U-Value of 0.3 W/m2,, the industry- standard for walls in retrofit buildings. Thanks to Baumit, the home’s aesthetic heritage has been long-term protected, resulting in a long-overdue upgrade of its internal comfort and well-being.