Baumit’s unique ’photokat’ technology leaves building façades old and new looking beautifully clean

Nanopor uses the power of light to activate the self-cleaning effect in its Nanopor range of renders and paints.

A special photocatalyst additive, developed by global building materials manufacturer Baumit, uses the power of light to activate the self-cleaning effect in its Nanopor range of renders and paints.

Whilst other self-cleaning products rely on rain or moisture contact to maintain a healthy-looking façade, Nanopor systems require nothing more than sunlight, humidity and wind to provide a uniform, dirt-free surface. The revolutionary ‘Nanopor-effect’ is produced when sunlight activates the photocatalysis additive in the render or paint, affecting the upper- hydrophilic nano layer within the product whilst it dries. During the process, dirt is decomposed and lifted from the surface by air movement. Any remaining particles are removed by rain and evaporation of absorbed dampness to leave a superbly-clean façade.

Ben Warren, Managing Director at Baumit Ltd, said: “The photokat process is particularly effective against fungi or mould in a façade. It’s also superb for removing smoke or dust particles. This is a high-quality system for housebuilders or owners who want their property’s exterior to remain looking its best, for longer.”

As part of Baumit’s range of high-performance final coatings, Baumit NanoporTop is a quality, ready-to-use, dirt and pollution-repellent render for new-build or renovation projects. Mineralic and highly vapour-permeable, the system - which contains a target-developed, micro-structural, smooth surface - can be hand or machine-applied. Its unique nano-crystalline and non-organic additives result in significant surface reduction of pollution compared to other coatings, leaving a building protected and looking radiant. The superior nanotechnology exclusive to Baumit’s Nanopor range reduces the need for a building’s renovation, which makes it a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to other exterior coatings. 

Ben Warren added: “Exposure to the elements and air pollution has a detrimental effect on a building’s façade over the years, and restoration can incur considerable time and expense. Due to the innovative properties of the products, Nanopor paints and renders will keep a building looking beautiful and clean for double the expected time.”

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