Baumit’s Exterior Solutions Ensure Dream Home Meets Desired Energy Standard

Baumit supplied the external wall insulation and selfcleaning topcoat render for a privately-built Passive House that recorded a thermal performance as spectacular as its location.

An idyllic site overlooking Roaring Water Bay on Ireland’s rugged and beautiful west coast is home to this contemporary new dwelling. The clients not only wanted to enjoy the breath-taking views across the water from the comfort of their desirable domicile, they required a home that was constructed to Passive House standards and excelled in terms of energy-efficiency.


Wain Morehead Architects Ltd., specified Baumit’s External Wall Insulation (EWI) system to create a robust but vapour permeable exterior - a key feature in allowing walls to breathe and maintaining ideal interior living conditions - whatever the season. For the composite EWI system, 215mm block on flat was initially rendered and windows etc. fully weathered, prior to the application of 250mm insulation, with Baumit NanoporTop providing the highquality render finish. The topcoat contains revolutionary technology in the form of a photocatalyst additive - developed by Baumit - that uses the power of light to activate its self-cleaning capability.

Whilst other self-cleaning products rely on rain or moisture contact to maintain a healthy-looking façade, Nanopor renders
and paints require nothing more than sunlight, humidity and wind to provide a uniform, dirt-free surface. The unique ‘Nanopor-effect’ is produced when sunlight activates the photocatalysis additive in the render or paint, affecting the upper-hydrophilic nano layer within the product whilst it dries. During the process, dirt is decomposed and lifted from the surface by air movement. Any remaining particles are removed by rain and evaporation of absorbed dampness to leave a superbly-clean façade.


Floor-to-ceiling windows to the south and west of the property, installed to maximise the resplendent view, meant Baumit’s
EWI system had to perform with optimum efficiency to ensure the building achieved the Passive House standard. It proved
more than suitable for the task, with the property recording the required level of airtightness to meet the Passive House standard.

Speaking of the project’s success, John Morehead, Managing Director at Wain Morehead Architects, said: “The house although
contemporary in design, and has a wonderful ambience and atmosphere, a wonderful space in which to live.” Baumit’s supremely-efficient EWI system played its part in the property achieving Passive House levels of energy performance and
an A1 BER, whilst Baumit NanoporTop’s ‘photokat’ technology will ensure the building’s breathable exterior remains looking clean and fresh without recourse to maintenance for many years to come.


Private House - New Build, Passive House

Location:  Kilkilleen, West Cork, Ireland
Architect:  Wain Morehead Architects Ltd
Main Contractor:  CHOM Construction
Baumit Products:  Baumit NanoporTop render
StarSystem EPS EWI system
Completion Date: March 2016
Photography: Gabrielle Morehead