Case Study - Baumit Provides Weatherproof Defence for Gunnery’s Domestic Restoration

The durable, flexible qualities of Baumit’s innovative EWI system played a vital role in the transformation of a wartime gun emplacement into a stunning, thermally-efficient, cliff-top home.


The Gunnery, Dover

Location:  Dover, Kent
Completion Date: December 2017
Main Contractor: RDL Render
Baumit Product:  Baumit StarSystem, Baumit StarContact, Baumit Silikontop


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Overlooking the English Channel and situated at the northern-most point of Dover’s white cliffs 100ft from the ground, the Stag Point Gunnery was built during the Second World War to bolster Kent’s coastal defences in the event of German invasion. Comprising bombproof walls, crew barracks, an underground magazine and tunnels, and an engine room used to power a pair of 6-inch naval guns, the gunnery remained in commission until 1944 when it was decided the threat of invasion had passed.

With the site designated a ‘heritage asset’ following government revision of guidelines related to listed buildings and conservation areas, work to restore this former fortress into a modern, habitable home began in 2017. With the cliff-edge property just yards from the sea, the client required a cutting-edge EWI system to deal with the extreme coastal conditions the refurbished property would face in the decades to come. In conjunction with contractors, RDL Render, Baumit’s 90mm StarSystem EPS was found to be ideal. Its robust elasticity and flexibility under duress ensures 100% performance, even in the most challenging of environmental conditions. Its specification followed a rigorous assessment involving pull testing, wind loading calculations and a technical survey.

Without road access to the rear of the site, the biggest challenge for RDL Renders was transporting more than 100 bags of 25kg StarContact Basecoat up the 100ft cliff. Despite the logistics, a five-man team installed more than 250m2 of insulated render to complete the property’s façade, curved works, parapet walls and original retained gunnery loophole in less than nine days. This was finished with Baumit Silikontop, a water and dirt repellent hydrophobic textured topcoat.

The project’s second phase involved the installation of a cliff-face lift shaft and low level render works before the contractor’s handover to the client. Thanks to RDL Render’s diligence and skill, and Baumit’s pioneering EWI, the Stag Point Gunnery has evolved from a fearsome first line of wartime defence, into a cliff-top home that is as awe-inspiring to look at as it is comfortable to live in.